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Sewer Lines

Sewer Line Service For Your San Gabriel Valley Home

"And away goes trouble down the drain®" You have likely heard that Roto Rooter® jingle on the television on radio and wished that your sewer problems would go down the drain. We feel the same way, which is why we also offer sewer drain cleaning and sewer piping replacement service to our customers. In fact, over 35% of our business each year comes from all types of sewer line service.

Your sewer line is the drain piping system that connects your house main drain with the city’s sewer system or your private septic tank or cesspool. All the water you run down the drain collects into this main drain. It is therefore important to keep your piping system running smoothly, without interruption. Typically the sewer line is constructed of clay pipe. When installed, it is watertight and the joints are impenetrable. Due to the way the pipe sections are joined or earth movements (earthquakes and earth settling) the joints can be compromised and roots from trees and bushes can find a way into the sewer system. Once there, the wet and moist conditions create a better fertilizer than money can buy and these roots flourish in their new environment. Tree roots are a common cause of a main sewer line stoppage. Only upon replacement of the broken sections of piping, can this problem be eliminated.

Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc. offers three methods of replacement. They include the traditional trench method, the ‘trenchless pipe-pull’ method or in some cases, a liner can be inserted into the existing piping.

 Our San Gabriel Valley Sewer Lines Contractor Provides:

  • Replace Water Lines
  • Repair Water Lines
  • Replace Sewer Lines
  • Repair Sewer Lines
  • Fix Broken, Cracked Pipes
  • Detect and Repair Root Infiltration Damage
  • Corrosion Repair
  • Fix or Replace Leaking Joints
  • Fix Broken, Cracked Pipes
  • Pipe bursting services
  • Cure in place liners

We Provide Sewer Lines in the Following Areas:

Pasadena, CA | Arcadia, CA | Burbank, CA | Chino, CA | Diamond Bar, CA | Glendale, CA | San Dimas, CA | La Puente, CA | Montrose, CA | San Gabriel, CA | Temple City, CA | West Covina, CA

And more

Why San Gabriel Valley Should Hire Us For Their Sewer Lines

Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc. also offers drain-cleaning services whereby we can cut the roots that are growing in the pipes to allow the water to flow freely again. However, this is only a temporary fix. Just like pruning a bush, the roots will grow back, often in greater size, strength and number than before. There are several options to consider for this problem. We can simply cable the drain, treat the sewer line with ROOTX ®, a product which retards root growth or replace the broken piping or install a complete new sewer system.

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