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Discount Club

Discount Club

Our Discount Club

Whether you are a new customer looking for more information on the “KSP Discount Club” or a current member, looking for a refresher on the benefits of membership, this is the place to find all that you need to know. Call us today to sign up, renew your membership or to schedule your free annual inspection.

KSP Discount Club – A $479.00 value for only $13.25 per month!


At Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc, we have a new feature for our customers. It is the “KSP Discount Club”

The goal was to give you a more dependable plumbing system and at the same time SAVE YOU MONEY. Here is how it works.

  1. SERVICE CALL FEE – IS WAIVED WHEN WORK QUOTED IS PERFORMED! As a Discount Club Member, normal hours, Monday – Friday, service call fees are waived when you have us do the work you called us out for. If we don’t, then you are only responsible for the Service Call Fee. This benefit is in force for as long as you remain a Club Member!

  2. PREFERRED PRICING – SAVE ON AVERAGE 15% OFF *YOUR PLUMBING BILLS. “Price Buster”Discount club member customers automatically receive the “ Price Buster Rate” from our friendly CUSTOMER ASSURED PRICING” manual. * Off the “standard rate”

  3. SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT, 24 HOURS A DAY / 7 DAYS A WEEK – Our services on nights, weekends and holidays are currently only available to “ Discount Club” members.

  4. OVERTIME PRICE PROTECTION – Even on nights, weekends, and holidays, you still pay the “Price Buster” rate price. Remember, WE CHARGE BY THE JOB, NOT BY THE HOUR, SO YOU SAVE MONEY! You do have to pay the premium dispatch service call fee

  5. GO TO THE HEAD OF THE LINE – Your discount club membership plan increases your plumbing’s reliability, but should you need emergency service, your membership plan entitles you to “Go To The Head Of The Line” preferential treatment.

  6. EXTENDED WARRANTY – As long as you keep your Discount Club Membership in continual effect, renew each year and allow our technician to perform the below-described inspection on your plumbing system to keep it properly maintained, All repairs covered under our standard one-year warranty will be extended an additional year. Manufacturers warranties on items installed by us will be serviced by us.

  7. PERIODIC INSPECTIONS- If you desire and request it, we will perform one FREE inspection, safety check, adjusting and cleaning of your fixtures and water heater. Potential problems are spotted before they cause trouble. That alone SAVES YOU MONEY. If during the inspection we find any repairs need to be done. They will be offered to you that day for the special add-on price.


During the second half of the term of the “Discount Club Membership Plan,” you may contact us to set up a convenient time for us to come to your home and perform your FREE inspection.


  1. SAFETY CHECK YOUR HOME – Your service technician will walk through your home, inspect, your plumbing system, tighten any loose faucet handle or packing nut during the inspection process. Each emergency shut-off valve under the sinks, toilets, water heater and main water shut-off will be tested to insure that they will operate in case of an emergency. Gas connectors and valves will be inspected visually as well as the exposed piping. You will be shown where your emergency water shut-off valve is located and where your emergency gas shut off is.

  2. WATER HEATER – Your service technician will, make sure the thermostat is set at the proper temperature, visually check the Temperature & Pressure relief valve for safe operation and make sure it is free of corrosion and check the vent assembly for carbon monoxide leakage. If electric, we will check the thermostat settings and readjust to ensure the water heater is operating at its peak efficiency as per the manufacture’s specifications.

  3. FAUCETS – Your service technician will check all the faucets in the home for leaks and corrosion. We will visually check without removing them, the stems, cartridges and rubber seals for ease of operation and clean the aerators on all the faucets throughout the home for proper water flow.

  4. TOILETS – Your service technician will inspect the toilet bowl and tank for any leaks and proper flushing action. We will check the water-measuring device for proper adjustment along with the flapper or tank ball for a proper water seal. The float ball, overflow tube and any linkage will be adjusted and set to the manufacturer’s specifications. We will lubricate and adjust the flush lever.

  5. WATER PRESSURE REGULATOR – Your service technician will check the water pressure on the incoming water line and if possible will make any necessary adjustment.

We sincerely hope that you understand the VALUE AND MANY BENEFITS that our “ DISCOUNT CLUB MEMBERSHIP” offers. You will have a plumbing system that is safe and that will save you money . If during this routine inspection additional work should need to be performed, this additional work will be offered at the special value rate. You win both ways! That Saves You Money !

*Please refer to your Terms and Conditions issued at the time of service along with your Service Contract and Warranty card. In addition, please note that Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc. shall not be held liable for water or other damage resulting from any defect or delay in responding to said Warranty. Neither shall Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc. be held liable for lost profits, incidental, special, exemplary, indirect or consequential damages resulting from any work performed, or any problem, whether covered or not by this limited warranty.


If you are looking for a Plumbing Contractor in the San Gabriel Valley, please call us at 626.359.1864 or fill out our online request form.

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